Nation’s Oldest Family Mushroom Farm Goes Solar

This was a really cool project for SEM, and a great way to introduce ourselves to the Pennsylvania solar market! The Brosius family has been running the Marlboro Mushrooms farm for six generations in West Grove, Pennsylvania. Solar was a great choice. We were able to help them figure out a way to offset all of their electric needs, which is significant, considering how much power it takes to maintain the mushroom crops. The 1.13 MW system uses SunPower modules on a T0 tracking system, which makes sure the panels are always getting optimal exposure to the sun.

Update: Since this post was originally published, SEM sold its utility-scale solar division to PowerSecure International. Click here to read Southern Energy Management’s release and here to read PowerSecure’s release about the transaction.

Chris Cowperthwaite is a Writer and Multimedia Specialist at Southern Energy Management.


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